Deck, Garden and Patio Ideas


Planning your deck, garden or patio in detail is the most essential part of any outdoor project. Creating a "Comfort Zone" is not difficult when you determine what comfort levels most suit you or your family. Today's accent is on creating beauty with simplicity and simplicity with elegance and charm while extending comfort and tranquility.

The Outdoor Deck

An outdoor deck is a wonderful extension of the style of a home. However, a deck does not have to "match" exactly. A large, well furnished deck setting that offers a view is ideal. But, the "view" can easily be created with subtle landscaping, lighting and furniture accents like a fire pit, chimney, even the newest fashion trend, a "cairn" built from interesting rocks and a lantern included for minority lighting.

Gardens of Delight

Gardens have many diverse themes incorporating and highlighting flowers, trees, bowers, trellises, arbors, pergolas and espaliers. Bring back the pleasures of garden charm that compliments each season of the year from any view inside or out. Symmetry is important to balance in a garden. Dark colors of evergreens should be located as a "base" for lighter color shrubs or flowers. Balance flowers that drink in the sun with a moon garden, flowers that bloom best when after the sun goes down, like primroses or moon flower. Remember vegetables serve as ornamental accents too.

Shopping for Unusual Garden Accents

It's possible to acquire unusual garden accents from pieces sold at garage sales and estate auctions. An outdoor accent bench or chair can be easily restored and used for potted plants. The same is true of old garden tools, like rakes. Reduce the handle size. Give it a bright colored coat of paint, install the shortened rake on the side of a shed with the tines at the bottom. Then, hang potted plants from the tines.


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