Weed Prevention – Five Ways to a Weed Free Organic Garden


If you prepare and take care of your organic garden in the right way, you will most certainly need weed prevention. How come?

Well, if you enrich the soil in your garden with all kinds of nutrients and organic matter to enhance the soil structure, you do not only create good conditions for your vegetables and flowers, but for the weeds as well!

There are a few different ways to avoid that your desired plants get suffocated by the unwanted ones.

First, when you prepare your soil and dig, dig, dig, make sure you also remove all the perennial weeds such as dandelion, horse tail and thistle. Don’t think they will die when you bury them in the soil, they won’t!

Second, when winter is over (if you have winter where you live) hurry out into your garden and remove the first tiny weed plants. That will save you a lot of work later on.

Third, loosen the soil between the plants in your vegetable and flower beds once in a while, that will disturb the sprouting weeds and prevent them from growing.

Fourth, and this is my personal favourite, cover the soil in your beds, between your growing vegetables and flowers. This will have multiple positive effects.

Being the focus of this article, it will of course work as excellent weed prevention, but it will also keep the soil uncompact and moist. And furthermore, if you use for example grass, straw or other vegetable residue, it will add nutrients to the soil as the cover decomposes.

Fifth, and last, you can cover your crop with a fiber cloth, but you have to do that right from the start when you sow your plants. if you wait many weed seeds will have landed on the soil, and will germinate and grow quite well under the cloth!

This method also have other benefits than weed prevention, because it will create a green house-like environment for your precious plants, as well as keeping a number of pests away from them.

Remember though, that you always have to check your crops for weeds, and uproot them as soon as you spot them.


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