Garden Benches – What They Are


Putting in a flower garden or any garden for that matter takes time and dedication. However, the result is gorgeous color, magnificent fragrance, wonderful foods to eat, and an overall sense of accomplishment. Therefore, why stand back and admire your garden from afar when you can use a garden bench to be closer. The great thing about garden benches is that they can be any size and made from just about any material. For example, a garden bench can be made from scrap wood lying around the house, logs, wrought iron, concrete blocks, marble, rock, granite, railroad ties, and so on. You could easily take a few pieces of old scrap lumber or a nice big log and create a quiet place to sit. If you want something more elaborate for your garden bench, you can purchase one already made or have one built.

The goal with any garden bench is to create a place of solitude, a place where you can sit and relax to enjoy the beauty of your garden. If you look at the Japanese garden, there are garden benches throughout so people can rest and meditate as they look at the flowers or listen to the flowing water. That same concept has been recreated in gardens of all types across the country. The key is to remember that when choosing or making your garden bench, it does not have to be perfect. After all, you want the garden bench to blend in with the garden or at least enhance its natural beauty. Therefore, while you might find something colorful and over the top, take time to consider your garden and how you want the bench to look.

When choosing a garden bench, remember that certain woods do not withstand the outside elements well. You will do well choosing cedar, teak, cypress, and mahogany, for instance. Another option, although some people believe it takes away from the natural look is a wrought iron garden bench or a plastic garden bench. Finally, concrete, marble, stone, and granite are also beautiful and durable but unfortunately, unless they have a cushion, they are not very comfortable. When buying or building a wood garden bench, remember the cardinal rule – the fewer screws and bolts the better the finished bench will look.

When it comes to size, again this is mostly a personal preference but in general, a four-foot bench will provide amble room for one or two people without taking up too much room in the garden itself. You also want to think about price so you want to determine your budget first. Typically, you can buy a nice wooden bench of cedar or redwood for around $200 – $300. Then for the larger teak benches, prices usually jump to somewhere around $1,000 or more.

When you are ready to buy a garden bench, if possible, you should try to buy from an online manufacturer that pays for shipping. The reason is that while you might find a great garden bench, the shipping costs can eat you alive. Many benches ship by freight adding at least another $100 to your order. Keep this in mind when you think you might have found a super deal from an online manufacturer.

Now that you have decided on the perfect garden bench, make sure to spend some time each day sitting on it while enjoying a cup of coffee or a beautiful sunset. That is what it is all about.


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