Flower Gardens – The Best Bi-Annuals to Grow


Bi-annual flower plants are those that bear flowers in their second year of growth cycle. They defers from the annual flowers where they start to bloom in just one growing period. Their growth process is somewhat delayed because it their leaves and stems that grows first in the first year, then bear flowers and immediately dies in the second year. Although they have similarities in their blooming period with perennials, the difference is that, after they bear their blooms, they die, while the perennials live longer for another year.

Some best bi-annuals flowers to grow in your garden

• Common Foxgloves. This flower plant tolerates in cool climate. It possess dark-green foliage with drooping tube-like flowers in hues of pink, white, yellow, lavender, and purple.

This plant thrives best in a partially shaded location with high in organic content and moist soil. Common foxgloves grows from 3 to 5 feet in height during its own growing period. And caution should be observed in handling this plant because all its plant parts are highly toxic to human and animals.

• Chimney Bell-flowers. Also grown as perennial flower plant, this biennial plant grows to at least 6 feet high. It has green leaves with bell-shaped flowers, hence, the name bell-flowers.

They tolerates in full sunlight as well as partial shade location. Like the Common foxgloves, this plant prefers moist soil, rich in organic materials and well-drained area.

• Black-Eyed Susan's. Also called as cone-flowers, it has green foliage which grows from 1 – 2.5 feet in height and produces a daisy-like golden yellow petals with a dark brown color at the center of the flower and blooms during summer time.

This plant thrives in a partial sunlight to shaded condition in both moist and dry soil areas.

• Sweet Williams. This biennial flower grows in full sunlight and partial shaded portion of the garden. It tolerates in good rich soil with ample drainage with sufficient moisture moisture but does favor with too much water accumulation in the soil.

It grows from 12 – 24 inches tall with green foliage and densely packed fragrant flowers in clusters of red, white, purple, red, and pink.

• Evening Primrose. Goes also from other names like Lily Gumbo and Cowboy Primrose, it grows to height from 6 – 10 inches tall. This plant produces a fragrant pink flowers in early and mid-summer. It tolerates with full sunlight and drives best in all types of soil, like clay, loamy, and sandy and on well-drained soil location.

You can select some other bi-annual flowers for your garden collections, but the above lists are best suited for a continuous supply of your bi-annuals selections.

Happy gardening!


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